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Don’t Wait For The Economy To Change!
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Englewood, Florida, U.S.A. - December 13, 2011 - The DHS Club, Inc. unveils their new ClubShop Rewards Sales & Marketing Plan to help average people to improve their own financial future.

Unemployment is at an all time high, the stock market has seen its share of losses and countries are scrambling to get their debt under control. The new ClubShop Rewards Sales and Marketing Plan will revolutionize the way people make sales and create new wealth. According to CEO Richard Burke, this is one of the most innovative new marketing plans out there today.

The DHS Club, Inc worked for months on their current marketing plan to take out all the negative aspects of most sales and marketing plans and promote and keep all the positive aspects that people loved about their current sales and marketing plan. In doing so, the ClubShop Rewards Marketing Plan became a hybrid of affiliate sales and direct marketing, with a powerful new twist.

Partners who join in their business will be able to advertise and promote one of the best sales and marketing plans ever created. They will also be able to sell a product that has never been more needed or wanted in this economy. That product is world wide consumer savings! Not only will Partners be able to refer people to online savings, but they will also be able to introduce people to local savings and discounts in their specific areas, around the world.

Intergrated in this new marketing plan is a way to bring consumers, local merchants, online merchants and affinity groups together in a win/win situation for all and will do so, in a global manner. Mr. Burke has always wanted to form the largest consumer group in the world to help average consumers to save money. Mr. Burke has also had a real understanding of the plight of most small business owners when trying to gain more first time customers as well as gain higher per sale totals from current customers. Along with this, Mr. Burke has been a long time supporter of certain non-profits. So in this new plan he has incorporated a way to help affinity groups to raise funds for their cause, while helping consumers in their area to save money and uniting merchants with these well deserved customers and has put it all together, in a very cost effective way for all.

ClubShop Rewards - Helping people to save money and to earn money, around the globe.

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