The DHS Club

Testimonials I love shopping at through the ClubShop Mall. Not only are the prices cheaper then at my local supermarket for many items, but I also gain free shipping if I spend over $49.00 and I get dollars toward my next purchase. Best of all, I earn ClubCash from each purchase, which I then can accrue and redeem for cash back. So, I save even more! - CD

Last Christmas I saved so much time (and stress) by shopping at The deals were great and I didn't have to fight the crowds at the mall! There were so many online shopping sites to choose from. Now is the only site I use to shop online because whether I'm planning a family vacation, shopping for school supplies or even changing my wireless phone plan I know I can do it all here! - BC

PacSun If you shop online at Pac Sun, then you should shop online through the ClubShop Online Mall because the ClubCash ClubShop gives with Pac Sun is by far the best compared to any other online rewards program site. I've earned hundreds of dollars in cash back ClubCash this year by going through the ClubShop Online Mall to shop online at Pac Sun. - BW
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